Open Innovation

What can Open Innovation do for you? 

How about growing revenues, reducing costs and engaging customers for a start? Innovation is about generating and delivering new ideas that can create value for customers and businesses. In most cases, companies involve a small group of people within their businesses or business area. However, it is now possible to innovate better and faster by involving more people both inside and outside of your organisation.

Better solutions emerge when you have more options to start with

If you haven’t already heard about it, this approach is called Open Innovation. It signifies a new way of working – a new way of innovating. With it comes a change in mindset that you can innovate more effectively and efficiently by collaborating with more staff, customers and partners. 

Open Innovation can help you tackle a variety of business challenges and opportunities - from cost reduction to revenue growth and customer engagement. And it is relevant for all areas of your organisation, not just for innovation and marketing teams. Leading organisations such as BT, Procter & Gamble, General Electric, and Kraft are already leveraging Open Innovation to address a variety of business initiatives, with impressive results.

How can Open Innovation help you?

Innovation has a role in every part of an organisation. However, until recently, it has been too costly or difficult to involve more valuable resources – more of your staff, customers, partners plus other external sources of knowledge and expertise. Unfortunately, this has meant that businesses have missed out on wider perspectives and capabilities that could help address business challenges.

How we can help

Edengene offers a flexible end-to-end open innovation service. Whether you need support in running a workshop, addressing a specific business challenge, or designing and implementing an ongoing open innovation programme, we have a range of solutions to help you:

  • Scope your open innovation challenges and programmes
  • Recruit and build your innovation community
  • Coordinate your innovation software solution
  • Run your projects and programmes
  • Manage the innovation process from start to finish:
    • Develop deep customer and market insight
    • Shape and prioritise concepts and solutions
    • Build business cases, pilot and implement

Our range of modular services

As there is no one size fits all recipe, we offer a range of modular services and tailor them to match your requirements.

Innovation Sessions

Co-creation Workshops

Bringing together your staff, customers and other parties in person to exchange insight and generate ideas

Real Time Innovator

Half and whole day virtual idea generation sessions that involve more people than a face 2 face workshop, from anywhere in the world

Innovation Challenges

Virtual Round Tables

Virtual insight sharing and problem solving sessions where participants work on challenges over a specified timeframe

Idea Crowd

Idea challenges for up to 1,000 people for up to 3 months, to generate a wide variety and volume of ideas

Ongoing Programmes

Employee Connect

Ongoing employee innovation platform and management

Community Platform

Virtual ongoing open innovation platform involving employees, customers and other partners

We provide a full solution backed by our proven innovation tools, techniques and expertise as well as market-leading cloud-based technology from our partner Qmarkets.

Qmarkets is a leading provider of enterprise innovation software solutions. With an established global reach, the company is renowned for delivering robust, scalable and highly flexible solutions, rich in features and accompanied by the best levels of service in the industry.

Our recent case studies

Using Open Innovation to find real growth opportunities

The Johnson Matthey executive group wanted to discover opportunities that would provide a foundation for long-term growth, i.e. new divisions with sales of more than £200m in 10 years, using a more market–led view matched to their core technology competencies. They sought an innovation partner who could provide a structured approach to exploring new markets and developing new profit streams.

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Co-creating with customers to create new tariffs for a leading telecoms brand

Driven by the need to differentiate in a highly commoditised market, the client had developed a set of tariff concepts intended to make picking the right deal easier for customers, and wanted to make sure ahead of launch that the proposition to customers was as appealing as it could be. Working closely with the client to design the research approach, we developed a co-creation process to develop the concepts into market-ready propositions in a live environment with customers

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