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Innovation - ICAEW Finance and Management Special Report

To succeed in the long term, a business needs to be able to renew itself continually and innovate in response to changes in market conditions and customer needs. In the short term, this innovative capability may be the difference between survival and failure. 

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Strategic Innovation for a FTSE 100 Company

Finding real growth opportunities for a global technology company

Johnson Matthey - the FTSE 100 global speciality chemicals company - is recognised as one of Britain’s most admired companies. The company focusses on clean air, clean energy and low carbon technologies, and is expert in the application and recycling of precious metals. Their products and services are sold across the world to a range of industries, and they are a world leader in manufacturing autocatalysts to control emissions from vehicles.

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BT New Wave


Driving ‘New Wave’ Income Growth across BT Group


BT is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, serving over 1m business and 15m domestic customers in the UK. From its origins as a publicly-owned national telephone company, and since its privatisation in the 1980s, BT has diversified and developed its business to become a world-leading ICT provider, offering broadband, convergent mobility solutions and global networked IT services.



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Developing a challenger Brand to take category leadership


The CocaCola Company needed to build a differentiated brand strategy for Powerade to challenge the market leader, Lucozade Sport, and engage with participants in sport who typically do not use sports drinks.
Edengene challenged prevailing assumptions about Powerade’s target markets, consumer needs and preferences. We worked with the CocaCola Company to develop a clear ‘challenger brand’ strategy, supported by implementation roadmaps to aid execution.
Powerade ‘Inner Gear’ was executed as a campaign for Team GB at the Beijing Olympics, the Rugby Football Union and the Welsh RFU.


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SAB Miller

SABMiller had traditionally grown through acquisition and volume growth of brands across geographies. As a regionalised business, innovation was fragmented, delivering inconsistent performance. The executive team wanted to create global consistency and a platform for innovation. It engaged Edengene to understand the options for structuring an enterprise-wide approach to innovation with structure, metrics, culture, and a cohesive strategy for innovation-based growth.

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Standard Life

Putting the customer at the centre of Standard Life's strategy

Standard Life plc is one of the largest UK-based life and pensions companies in the world. In 2006, the business demutualised, after a company-wide stra- tegic review indicated major opportunities for the business as a publicly-traded company.

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Building a major new sustainable energy business

E.ON is the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas company. In the UK, E.ON is a leading energy brand with over 8 million domestic, SME and industrial customer accounts. E.ON is also a major global investor in renewable technology and low carbon generation.

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Putting the chemist back into Boots the chemist

Alliance Boots is the UK’s leading pharmacy, health and beauty retailer. Founded in 1849, Boots is a UK institu- tion and a fixture on the local High Street up and down the UK. In 2006 Boots became Alliance Boots following a merger with Alliance Unichem plc, forming a pharmacy powerhouse with 2600 outlets across the UK and annual revenues in excess of £10 bn pa.

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Creating growth in adjacent markets at O2 Ireland

Market saturation and commoditisation are compelling mobile phone companies to find new ways to protect core revenues whilst growing new revenue streams.

In 2010, the challenge facing O2 Ireland was how to create additional revenue in new and adjacent sectors to deliver against their ambitious growth targets. As a market leader with strong brand positioning and a can-do, winning attitude, O2 wanted to disrupt the market with a new, differentiated offer.
Edengene was engaged to help define a growth proposition, O2 Money Card, within an accelerated 3 week timeframe. The focus was on new revenue growth while delivering new benefits to its mobile customers.

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Rentokil Initial

Driving new growth and differentiation for Rentokil Pest Control 

Founded over eighty years ago, the original pest control business was experiencing increasing competitive intensity in some of its core B2B markets. The boundaries to growth, in what was fast becoming a ‘commodity’ business, were becoming increasingly apparent. In 2009, the challenge facing Rentokil’s CEO was how best to re-energize its Pest Control’s growth initiatives, with the question being ‘where and how to move forward?’

Rentokil engaged Edengene to define mid-term customer focused propositions and deliver early wins to enhance near term revenues. 

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BT Healthcare

Creating a new healthcare service

BT is one of the leading providers of network based services to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. In 2005 BT was seeking to extend its positioning within the health sector, leveraging its capability and knowledge to identify and build a valuable new healthcare-related communications business.

The emerging patient self-care market presented a sizeable opportunity for BT. Seventeen and a half million people in the UK live with a long-term condition (for example, diabetes) and the incidence of chronic illness is projected to grow significantly.

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Developing innovation process & differentiated propositions

GSK’s Consumer Healthcare division had launched an initiative to identify the next £10m+ of profitable sales opportunities in new markets channels and brands. They had identified 7 key growth areas, however, they lacked an innovation framework and process to turn initial ideas into clear, high value commercial opportunities.

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Coca-Cola Company Europe

Refining the hydration proposition for the Coca-Cola Company Europe

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Re-positioning Aquarius

The Aquarius brand was identified as having great potential across Europe, having done well in Spain and even becoming a cult drink. The Coca-Cola Company needed to diversify away from CSDs and reposition Aquarius.

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Johnson & Johnson wanted help in taking a disruptive market entry approach for Nicorette in China, with the goal of obtaining a significant share of the OTC smoking cessation market, in an economy that hosts 1/3 of the world’s smokers - 350 million people.

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Reckitt Benckiser

To sustain growth in line with its ambitions, Reckitt Benckiser needed to launch new disruptive propositions to the market, leveraging its innovative culture. They wanted to tackle the threat of lower-priced competition, particularly retailers’ private label brands.

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With over 400 brands spanning 14 categories, Unilever is very well-regarded. However, one stagnant product portfolio in the mature laundry category needed reinvigorating. With higher than average margins at stake, there was a sound commercial case, but Unilever wanted help to investigate and innovate outside of business as usual.

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PepsiCo is a world leader in convenient snacks and beverages, with an impressive brand and business portfolio.
Aware of growing trends impacting their market, PepsiCo asked Edengene to explore the concepts of ‘local’ and ‘authentic’ for innovation opportunities in the context of business models and channels.

While PepsiCo had a well-oiled innovation process for NPD, it sought new perspectives to innovate through business models and channels. 

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Co-creating with customers

 Creating new tariffs for a leading telecoms brand

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Open Innovation at Johnson Matthey

The Johnson Matthey executive group wanted to discover opportunities that would provide a foundation for long-term growth, i.e. new divisions with sales of more than £200m in 10 years, using a more market–led view matched to their core technology competencies. They sought an innovation partner who could provide a structured approach to exploring new markets and developing new profit streams.

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